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© 2018 90% Knuckles


  1. Click on the button above that corresponds with your operating system!

  2. Download the ZIP file and unzip to your desktop or wherever.

  3. If you're PC, look in the folder and start the CKCTURQFGH application file. If you're Mac start up the application file called Cool Kid Cody.

  4. This game looks best with "windowed" unchecked and resolution set to 1920 x 1080!

  5. Enjoy about 20 minutes of gameplay, all you need's a keyboard! ​


Having trouble beating the game? No sweat, we got you a walkthrough. If you have feedback for how we can improve gameplay or user experience give us a shout! All feedback will help us make a dope final game.


Join Cool Kid Cody on his quest for Godhood as he squabbles with his classmates over a guitar, summons Crescent High's flying skate-cat God and skates from flesh eating Losers in order to prove he's cool! This is either going to be a really good day, a really bad day, or a dream with no consequences in reality at all.

Cool Kid Cody's Totally Unreal Radical Quest for Godhood had production that spanned from April 2018 to September 2018. This is the first real video game Andy and I've ever made, and holy FUCK we learned so much in just a few months. I'm so thankful we got this game done on time. Thanks to everyone who helped make it, play-tested, supported us over at Patreon, or just goddamn LOOKED at it. You're all the real Cool Kids.