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© 2018 90% Knuckles


  1. Click on the button above that corresponds with your operating system!

  2. Download the ZIP file and unzip to your desktop or wherever.

  3. Run the application file (named Purrfect Apawcalypse) located in the folder!

If you have feedback/advice please hit me up! I'm pretty new to making games still, so anything is helpful!


Olive finds themself in the midst of an apocalypse that has summoned demons to their school. Almost every student has been slaughtered, which means there are only so many dogs you can choose between to spend your last few hours with!

If Olive's going to have a perfect apocalypse and die happy, it's only fair that they make that special someone happy too! Will it be Brownie the snack-loving corgi, Sparky the sporty husky or Patches the dalmatian bookworm?  It's all up to you (?)!

Purrfect Apawcalypse is an apocalyptic dog dating choose your own adventure game! Trigger warnings include cartoon gore, bifurcated dogs, headless dogs, generally dogs not having a great time. Play at your own discretion! Art, programming and music by Denny, created using Renpy!